趋势2 -一般业务(金融服务)云计算改变了金融服务的游戏规则-中超下注app

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趋势2 -一般业务(金融服务)云计算改变了金融服务的游戏规则

CLOUD computing is moving to the forefront as a focus for the chief information officers, C-suite executives, and board members to help their banks prepare for the future, the consulting and professional services company Deloitte says.

Banking and capital markets leaders increasingly recognize that cloud is more than a technology; it is a destination for banks and other financial services firms to store data and applications and access advanced software applications via the internet.

领先的公共云提供商提供了一系列创新产品即服务,这些产品可在其平台上访问,并帮助银行实施业务和运营模式,以提高收入, increase customer insights, contain costs, deliver market-relevant products quickly and efficiently, and help monetize enterprise data assets, Deloitte says.

The cloud also offers a huge opportunity to synchronize the enterprise; to break down operational and data silos across risk, finance, regulatory, customer support, and more. Once massive data sets are combined in one place, the organization can apply advanced analytics for integrated insights.

After years of focusing on the technology’s value as a cheaper, faster, and more flexible alternative to on-premise data storage, 银行领导人正在考虑如何在三个“线以上”领域利用云来创建新的业务边界,以及在三个“线以下”领域利用云来优化组织. 将云技术应用于这六个领域,可以帮助银行提高业务绩效和股东回报, the consulting company says.

习惯于内部数据中心的业务部门和IT高管可能会发现,用企业级云中超下注app升级或替换遗留系统的前景相当令人生畏. Fortunately, banks can approach this transformation incrementally. They can mix and match hybrid and multi-cloud solutions based on their organizational needs, maturity, and readiness; most organizations choose a multi-cloud approach. Whatever the deployment model, 驻留在云中的数据可以与本地存储模型一样安全,甚至更安全.

Cloud deployment models
Companies can be all-in on cloud without being 100 percent cloud; they can mix and match based on needs. In each option, data can be as secure or even more secure than it is with on-premise options.

Business case development
Not only is the cloud helping to innovate IT strategy, 它也正在成为快速构建新功能和服务的引擎,以满足业务需求, Deloitte says. Many transformative solutions (e.g., customer relationship management, finance, 企业资源管理)已经是基于云的了——只是它们的主要沟通方式不是云.

云业务案例应该强调银行如何以成本效益利用云交付的中超下注app来推动客户的洞察, experiences, and offers; grow revenue; lower costs; find and onboard better talent; and provide more consistent enterprise operating platforms. 它还应包括一个基线云价值评估模型,以反映不断变化的市场力量的经济学, pricing, and business assumptions and aid in scenario planning.

Finally, the business case should address change management issues: Cloud technology may dramatically alter certain employee roles; what steps may be needed to help adapt the organization’s culture and mindset?

Solution design and execution
对于考虑执行云策略的金融机构来说,将工作负载迁移到云上的成本和工作量可能是一个主要问题. 当企业寻求利用高级数据分析和机器学习等业务构建技术时,成本和上市时间是关键因素. 与内部构建功能相比,外部云提供商提供的这些功能和其他功能可以缩短开发时间.

Vendor management
未来几年,银行业将在混合和多云环境中转型. During this lengthy period, vendors likely will be offering new, cloud-based services and capabilities on a regular basis. 金融服务组织应该避免供应商锁定,这样他们就可以适应市场的变化,而不必在从一个供应商转移到另一个供应商时重新搭建平台.

Also, as vendors mature, 它们可以利用不同的云平台提供更好的定价灵活性,这些云平台使组织能够将工作负载从一个云转移到另一个云,以满足业务需求, and to apply best practices built on one cloud platform to departments using other cloud vendors. Adopting a multi-vendor/multi-cloud strategy can be complex and challenging; developing a common understanding of architectural components and governance strategy enables optimal use of multi-cloud environments.

Data security concerns are top of mind for bank leaders. 理解云的一个重要部分是考虑企业当前的基础设施和功能如何限制其检测和处理新风险和漏洞的能力,以及云技术如何提供帮助.

云中的安全性是不同的,因为每个云提供商的环境都有自己的工具,而且云提供商通常负责较低级别基础设施层的安全性. 云提供商和它们所托管的客户之间共享的安全责任改变了组织应该如何预测和准备安全风险.

Regulatory compliance
云计算可以帮助银行和金融服务公司满足在多个操作管辖区不断变化的监管报告要求——在一个跨境交易是常态的行业中,这是一种至关重要的能力. Cloud solutions can also help banks conduct intraday liquidity and risk calculations, and mine trade surveillance data to detect anti-money laundering and other fraud issues.